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Despite it is the most disregarded asset, information is the most important one for our corporation. The information technology departments usually use security products or mechanisms in order to take measures to ensure data safety.

The role of the technological measures for information security is undeniable; but, it is not possible to talk about an information security management system which is accepted and implemented across the company unless risk based information security approach is adapted.

Numerous researches reveal that the software and hardware based measures are inadequate to eliminate the information security risks and that it is necessary to perform risk analysis, awareness training and other similar efforts in addition to technical measures.

The human factor must not be overlooked for ensuring information security. In the companies where information security is fundamental, all information security related activities must be considered within a management system.

SODER is a pioneer in this area with its ISO 27001 certification, TSI A Type Company License, solid physical laboratories, and certified white hat hacker team with extensive knowledge.

SODER and its expertise are always by your side for managing and minimizing your information security risks.

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Cyber Risks

Some of the frequent cyber-attacks which may occur as a result of your security gaps include:

Critical services such as energy, transportation etc. are disrupted.

Personal information or public information of confidential nature is disclosed, changed or erased.

Information with commercial value is disclosed, changed or erased.

Corporate reputation is damaged or information is disclosed, changed or erased as a result of attacks with propaganda purpose.

The companies that engage in e-trade cannot provide services and thus incur financial loss, fraudulent transaction records are created, and confidential information is captured by attackers, disclosed, changed or erased.

Personal information of the customers of the companies which perform online payment or money transfer transactions is captured or physically damaged.

Fraud encountered in the form of bulk mail, malicious software and similar attacks.

Personal information, internal/external communications of companies is disclosed.


Penetration Test and Vulnerability Analysis of the Information Systems

Penetration test enables you to have an idea about the data and/or systems which can be accessed as a result of internal or external attacks. The vulnerability analysis defines, identifies and measures and then prioritizes the risks on the system.

We provide services for all systems ranging from personal computers to SCADA systems, IP camera gaps to WIFI network.

Testing Process and Phases

  1. Authorized Penetration Test: The SODER experts of the company equipped with user authorities identify the unauthorized vulnerabilities in the system and the process.
  2. Adversary Based Penetration Test: The SODER experts look at the systems from the perspective of the attacker. They use the tools that are used by attackers and identify the vulnerabilities.
  3. Distributed Denial of Service Attack (DDos) Attempt: The scenarios of the denial of service on the existing systems by attackers are simulated.
  4. Test Assessments: Results of the penetration test and the vulnerability analysis are reported and submitted for assessment. Verification test is performed upon request following the assessment.

Web and Mobile Application Penetration Test:

The security gaps of the mobile platform or web applications which are open to external threats are scanned and reported

Testing Process and Phases

  1. Collect Information
  2. Management Tests
  3. Authentication Tests
  4. Session Management Tests
  5. Authorization Tests
  6. Data Verification Tests
  7. DDoS Tests
  8. Service Tests
  9. Application Security Tests

Secure Code Analysis

The static codes of the applications used on the web are tested against security gaps and then reported.

Testing Process and Phases

  1. Authentication
  2. Authorization
  3. Session Management
  4. Data Verification
  5. Error Handling
  6. Logging
  7. Encrypting

Consulting Services

You can protect your company against cyber threats and ensure continuity of your business by our information security consulting services.

In this area, SODER performs and reports risk analysis of your company, and recommends the necessary modifications on your system and processes to restructure it.

We meet your wide range of consulting needs anything from employee awareness enhancement trainings through use of all necessary tools.

Some of the main areas for which we offer consulting services include:

  1. Gap/Vulnerability Management
  2. Security Assessments
  3. Penetration Tests Implementation Techniques
  4. Unix/Linux Hardening
  5. Training Programs
  6. ISO 27001 (BGYS) Consulting
  7. ISO 27001 (BGYS) Awareness
  8. PCI DSS Awareness
  9. PCI DSS / Visa PIN Security Compliance Consulting
  10. Secure Application Development
  11. Penetration Tests Implementation Techniques
  12. Network Security Implementation Techniques
  13. Project Design, Planning, Organization

Managed Security Services

While you focus on your business, SODER ensures that you operate on a safe environment in the areas of its expertise. Some of the main services we offer include:

  1. 24×7 Security Monitoring and Intervention (SOC)
  2. End to end service provision and holistic consulting
  3. Security service management independent of the current location


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