Disaster Recovery, Business Continuity and Backup Solutions

The most important service provided by an Information Technology provider is to keep its customers safe. SODER works to ensure the continuity of its critical business functions during disaster moments with its business continuity, disaster recovery and backup solutions.

In order to ensure business continuity of institutions; It provides the functions of protecting the institutions regarding critical business processes, creating disaster scenarios, determining backup strategies, using the best backup hardware and software applications and managing these processes.



Backup is a copy of your data on another device or in another location. Backups are usually performed daily. The data of that day is copied from the original data and stored. The backup solution will be suitable for systems where it doesn't need to be online quickly and you can afford to lose some data (hours / day). A backup system means that you can only return to a specified point in time.

Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery solutions are part of business continuity. Disaster situations that may occur can be anything that puts the system in the organization at risk, from cyber attacks to equipment failures and natural disasters. With the disaster recovery plan, the goal is to keep a business running as normal as possible. The disaster recovery process involves planning and testing and can include a separate physical structure to restore operations.

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