Vehicle Tracking System

Integration of the Internet of Things (IoT) into the automated, supply chain and transportation industry promotes the further development of the modern fleet management industry. Vehicle Tracking Systems enable companies to reduce risks and costs related to my vehicle investments, management and telematics. In addition, such solutions provide real-time tracking of key metrics such as vehicle location, driver behavior, fuel consumption, speed activities.

Benefits of Vehicle Tracking System;

Labor costs decrease; When the vehicle tracking function is turned on, the fleet manager can monitor employee activities (including time spent on breaks), reveal unauthorized pauses and evaluate overtime requests.

Increased security; Statistics show that drivers are more likely to comply with the speed limit if GPS vehicle trackers are installed. More responsible driving under remote control leads to safer journeys with fewer accidents.

Reduced fuel cost; Route optimization and the use of fuel cards provide significant cost savings. These functions collect GPS location data and send it to fleet managers for further analysis

Better customer service; When delivery companies can immediately process new orders using route optimization, as a result, revenue and customer satisfaction increase.

Fleet maintenance cost savings; Maintenance alerts displayed on drivers' mobile phones eliminate equipment failures due to untimely oil changes or ignoring control engine alerts.

Premium discount; Insurance companies often offer discounts to use GPS vehicle tracking systems.

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