Asset Tracking System

Asset Tracking Systems is a system that automatically performs asset, ground controls and maintenance of fixtures within businesses. It is a system that offers solutions to monitor office equipment in multi-storey buildings, important devices or wheelchairs in a large hospital, tools and equipment in factories, pumping equipment in oil fields with IoT-based fixture tracking systems.

Benefits of the asset tracking system;

Fast; With inventory tracking systems, material counts can be carried out approximately one hundred times faster.

Location determination; It can be easily determined in which region of the business the assets are in real time.

Ease of maintenance; Fixing the fixture, which is due for maintenance, is carried out quickly and easily.

Reporting; Thanks to the dynamic structure of the system, the fixture database is updated continuously and quickly, both instant and historical detailed reports can be easily accessed at any time.

Productivity; The margins of errors are minimized, and material losses due to time, labor and losses are prevented.

Security; By matching the tracking systems used by the personnel with the labels used in the fixtures, the tracking of the unauthorized persons on the fixtures can be provided.

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