Inventory Tracking System

Warehouse operations such as planning and control of warehouse facilities and systems have become more complex in the supply chain. Storage is often needed to perform routine logistics operations such as stock storage, order status, paperwork, sorting, cycle counts, loading / unloading and customer service. Inadequate use of expensive warehouse space, manual errors, misidentification of the product during receipt and shipment, the availability of materials in the warehouse will affect the productivity and profitability that have caused the organization's reputation and loss.


RFID inventory control is an excellent real-time business tool that helps manage supply chains better, covers goods receipt, picking, control, delivery and many other operations flows, increases profit and reduces visibility to the management system, reducing costs.


The main benefits of RFID in warehouse management;

Stock decreases; Knowing exactly what the inventory is and where it is in a smoother business environment, thus reducing inventory items with more accurate real-time warehouse management on the premises.

Labor costs are reduced; Reduce labor costs by reducing the labor required for monitoring and warehouse management.

Employee productivity increases; Reduced order entry errors, thus less manual intervention and increased employee productivity.

Efficient warehouse space; Reduces stock levels and related warehouse space requirements.

Fast inventory management; It provides the necessary information to implement the first in, first out (FIFO) or last in, first out (LIFO) inventory management that can have a significant positive impact on the company's profitability analysis and tax liabilities.

On-site monitoring is provided; Instant access to the order database provides on-site visibility to cross-clamp the incoming material for immediate shipment to fulfill customer orders.

Ease of shipment; Access to real-time information ensures that the right shipment is delivered to the right address and loaded on the right truck.

Reduction in errors; Advanced data capture features such as imaging can provide proof of condition for return records by eliminating potential customer conflicts.

Choosing the right product; Rapid scanning of an RFID tag verifies that the correct product has been selected and that the product has been immediately deducted from the inventory.

An RFID-based management system can collect, transfer, check and update all data related to daily goods receipt and delivery, thereby reducing labor intensity, faulty and incorrect scanning, repeating manual operations, thereby increasing efficiency and accuracy. With RFID technology, it will provide an improvement in the supply chain activities that increase the competitiveness of the companies by reducing costs, gradually combining the standards and reducing the error rate.

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