About us

SODER Information Technologies is a company that aims to steer the industry by producing solutions suitable for different customer needs with its expert technical personnel with knowledge in different technologies, understanding of providing quality products and services. Providing consultancy and training services with its knowledge, skills and abilities, has set out to set market standards in solution and service, protecting the basic values with its team, which is capable of creating and directing business opportunities by constantly following new technological developments. It aims to be a preferred business partner in the market without compromising ethical rules, business ethics and integrity.

Adopting the philosophy of Total Quality, it has adopted the satisfaction of its customers as its priority with continuous improvement efforts. It has the awareness that the most important way to ensure the continuity of this priority is with the developing, competent and qualified human resources. SODER has drawn the roadmap by providing opportunities for all kinds of developments regarding Human Resources Management in order to support the development of its employees within the organization in order to meet the expectations of its customers and the institutions that offer services and products.


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