Personal Data Protection Law Consultancy Service

With the 10th article of the Law on the Protection of Personal Data No. 6698, the obligation to enlighten the persons concerned to whom the data process is processed for the data responsible. Pursuant to this article, SODER provides its customers with the main methods of technical and administrative measures that data officers should take to prevent illegal processing of personal data and access to personal data unlawfully and to protect personal data.

KVKK consulting service is a need for individuals and institutions that collect, process, maintain and transfer personal data. KVKK is a legal value that must be applied in order to prevent any interference with the private lives of individuals. Behaviors against the Law on Protection of Personal Data have been subject to serious sanctions. For this reason, it is recommended that institutions receive consultancy services.

SODER also provides hands-on consultancy services for the purpose of guiding the data responsible for the protection of personal data and ensuring the protection of the fundamental rights and freedoms of individuals by preventing the unlawful processing of personal data and protecting the fundamental rights and freedoms of individuals, as well as the application of technical and administrative measures.

Studies on Personal Data Security;

  • Exemination of business processes,
  • Current situation and risk analysis,
  • Prevention of unnecessary personal data sources and data roaming,
  • Determination of standarts in accordance with KVKK legislation on sectoral basis,
  • Preparation of KVKK Compliance process documents,
  • Training of employees and conducting awareness studies,
  • Creating personal data sources and data maps,
  • Traking of personal data security
  • Ensuring the security of environments where personal data are recorded,
  • Recording of personal data in cloud technology,
  • Providing information Technologies that personal data should be recorded,
  • Development and maintenance of information Technologies,
  • Backing up of personal data,
  • Anonymizing, deleting and destroying personal data

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