Desktop and Laptop Repair Training

Increasing the efficiency of work and operations and obtaining technologically advanced personnel by directly interfering with computer malfunctions used in corporate services.

Educational content;

  • Desktop Computer Hardware Parts Introduction
  • Desktop Computer Basic Faults
  • Desktop Computer Software Problems
  • Installing Desktop Computer and Installing Drivers
  • Replacing the Defective Part
  • Laptop Basic Faults
  • Laptop Repair and Monitor Problems
  • Ports Monitors and Features Printers, Printers and Institutions Image Processing Devices
  • System Software
  • Operating Systems Basics
  • Operating Systems Installation Linux
  • Operating Systems Support Operating Systems Advanced Features
  • Fault Detection and Troubleshooting
  • Basic Operations for Troubleshooting
  • System Opening Problems
  • Opening Error Codes
  • Network Connection and Sharing
  • Network Environment Troubleshooting
  • Remote connection
  • Troubleshooting Printer Sharing
  • Soldering Methods
  • Application for Each Department
  • Practice and Theory Exam
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