FPGA Training

Its purpose is to comprehend FPGA operating logic, FPGA - CPU operating differences and basic logic circuits with examples that will be made using VHDL.


Content of training;

What is FPGA?

  • FPGA - CPU differences
  • FPGA design steps
  • Logic circuits
  • Basic combinational logic circuit elements
  • Basic consecutive logic circuit elements
  • Finite state machine
  • “Hello World” application on FPGA
  • LED control circuit is designed and designed by following the FPGA design steps.
  • Finite state machine design using if-else, case structures on FPGA
  • Black lightning application
  • Door lock application
  • Design of finite state machines operating on FPGA with different clock frequencies.
  • Designing a counter using Seven Segment
  • Designing sample circuits containing RAM, different clock frequencies and finite state machines on FPGA.
  • Designing a simple video card that transfers the image in RAM to the screen via VGA.
  • Simplified CPU design
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