Data Recovery Training

It is to bring the methods of obtaining the information, which is deleted by the criminals, tried to be hidden, to the law enforcement personnel, to raise awareness and to train specialist personnel.


Educational content;


  • What is Data and Data Recovery?
  • Data Types
  • File Extensions
  • Hdd Working Principle
  • SSD Working Principle
  • Raid Structures
  • Data Recovery Software Working Principle
  • Considerations for Data Recovery
  • Software Data Recovery
  • Physical Data Recovery
  • Data Recovery Devices
  • Data Recovery Programs-Linux Based
  • Data Recovery Programs-Windows Based
  • Data Recovery Software
  • Physical Response
  • Clean Room
  • Things to pay attention
  • Physical Intervention Sample Decision and Legal Dimension
  • Donor Disc Detection
  • Data Recovery Sample Applications
  • Practice and Theory Exam
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