Security Assesment

It is a study aiming to reveal security situations and deficiencies by performing audits in 20 most risky basic areas to companies with methods accepted in terms of Information Technologies. This audit, which aims to provide a road map especially for companies that will make security investments, will offer management units a unique planning opportunity in the field of cyber security.

In the Security Assessment process, the existing Information Technologies infrastructure, Information Technologies processes, Security infrastructure and processes are examined and the areas where there is a gap are identified and the risks that they may pose are revealed.

  1. Allowed and Disallowed Device Inventory
  2. Allowed and Disallowed Application Inventory
  3. Secure Server Configuration
  4. Continuous Vulnerability Monitoring
  5. Virus Protection
  6. Software Security
  7. Wireless Access Control
  8. Data Recovery Capability
  9. Security Capabilities
  10. Security Network Configuration
  11. Network Control
  12. Admin Management
  13. Border Security
  14. Record Tracking
  15. Access Security
  16. Account Control
  17. Data Protection
  18. Incident Management
  19. Secure Network Engineering
  20. Penetration Tests and the Red Team


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