Business Continuity Management Service

SODER creates a Business Continuity Management System in all departments of your organization, which includes the processes of determining the business units that will be ensured and to ensure continuity, creating the ways and methods to follow, scenarioization and completing the preparations to ensure uninterrupted operation even in unexpected situations.

In the Business Continuity Management System; Uninterrupted business processes can be accessed with Business Continuity Planning, Disaster Recovery, Unexpected Hazards, Standard Compliance, Corporate Future, Operational Excellence road map.

Business Continuity Planning - BCP

In order to provide Business Continuity Management, Business Continuity Planning (BCP) should be done in the most appropriate way. The goal is to make the system stand up as soon as possible in case of a possible failure. With its Business Continuity Management Consultancy Service, SODER ensures that the critical processes are analyzed correctly by the experts who know the corporate structure best, and the scenario constructions are made in the best and most appropriate way to its customers.

IT Continuity Planning - DRP

In addition to the business continuity service, services are provided to increase the competence of the IT unit in Disaster Recovery Planning (DRP). It responds to minimizing the number of urgent decisions to be made against any malfunctions in this service and for departments to develop and implement new methods in the face of these unexpected situations.

SODER ensures strengthening of its customers with Disaster Recovery Planning consultancy.


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