Digital Corporate Archive Consultancy

Systems (RTLS) an

Corporate data can be taken out of the institution by unauthorized persons in 3 ways:

Physical printing, saving in mobile data storage units, copying directly from source on mobile computers

Over the network via external systems such as FTP, Gmail, WeTransfer, external WiFi connection, secure extranet ports using stolen user / password profiles.

Via external backdoors of internal applications such as messaging apps like Whatsapp, corporate email, or by connecting to a spy app / service

Using the required penetration tests and code evaluations of the applications received poses a great risk for the security of the data of the institution.

Despite all security measures, it is possible that malicious people and systems may leak into the institution due to lack of awareness. In the event of such an infiltration, malware may leak and easily leak out all organization data.

Many archive systems in the world use 256-bit crypto and are not broken yet. If corporate data is archived without encryption, all data can be easily stolen and removed from the institution. For this reason, all data of the institution in the digital environment must be archived in a 512-bit crypto system.

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