Server and Storage Solutions

Server Solutions

Servers with the necessary processing power to run the applications in companies and institutions are of great importance for the business continuity of the institutions. For this reason, by working in a solution-oriented manner, we provide high accessibility, performance and redundancy needs so that the organization can provide uninterrupted solutions and services.

With the operating system management, we provide uninterrupted services such as making necessary updates, closing security gaps, managing resources and re-installing operating systems when necessary, so that operating systems running on the server can provide healthy services.

SODER manages its relations with manufacturer companies in order to provide the management of the server systems needed by companies, in order to maintain the needs of institutions without interruption.


Data Storage Solutions

SODER responds to organizations in the most efficient and fastest way in terms of data storage services in order to meet the needs arising in storage services in line with the increasing needs of institutions.

As part of the changing needs of technologies and institutions, we enable you to manage your storage resources in the best way by using different storage technologies. We provide storage solutions consisting of hybrid and SSDs for your performance-demanding resources and storage solutions consisting of traditional mechanical disks for your archives. By minimizing the problems that may arise in your storage systems, we ensure that your devices can operate efficiently, performance and without interruption.

Depending on the space needs, data storage technologies have also been developed, and DAS, NAS, SAN systems have been widely used.

Directed Attached Storage (DAS): It is the solution that occurs with the direct connection of the device where the data will be stored to the device to be stored. The device to which DAS is connected accepts the storage unit as its local (local) disk and acts accordingly.

Network Attached Storage (NAS): It is a system that can be accessed by devices on the network, stores the data sent and provides access to this data, has an embedded operating system, and is based on the client / server relationship in conventional server systems. According to the requirements, the capacity of NAS devices can be extended with additional disks. The reason for using NAS devices instead of file server is security. As with file servers, it is more secure against incoming attacks because it is not the client side of the operating system on NAS devices.

Storage Area Network (SAN): A high-speed network with shared storage units. All storage devices on LAN or WAN are available to the whole network with SAN technology. By adding more storage devices to the network, they can be made available to the units that will make storage on the network.

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