Visitor Tracking System

The Visitor Tracking System offers monitoring opportunities at all access points at entrances and exits across the company. These services allow companies to access their logged-in visitors faster. It also allows it to keep records, manage the company reliably, while reducing and updating administrative costs. The biggest feature is that when the visitor enters, he can follow this up to the license plate of the car he reaches the car park.

Advantages of the visitor tracking system;

Visitor management; It facilitates the management of visitor information. Your employees can access the information they need and make visitor management smooth and easy.

Visitor recognition; It allows you to welcome visitors better. The name of the visitors can be displayed on the screen at check-in and special details can be arranged for them by seeing the details about them in the system.

Security; Alerts important people when a visitor checks in or forgets to check out or related to a particular visit. It allows you to keep visitors informed of security and privacy rules by keeping your facilities and data safe. In addition, in the event of a disaster, the information from which area the visitor cards received last signal can be determined.

Location tracking; The instant location of the visitors within the company can be followed.

Location authorization; The locations that visitors can access on the system can be defined on the visitor entry cards issued to them, thereby preventing their passage to prohibited areas. In addition, when their access to the banned area takes place, visitors can be tracked by providing a warning that they are in the banned area on the system.

Reporting; The data about the visits can be presented to the management at any time. In addition, with this reporting tool, more detailed information about visitors can be obtained and contribution to visitor management can be made.

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