Personnel Tracking System

IoT technology is the most cost-effective solution for easy follow-up of employees and schools. With passive RFID tags, the entrance and exit controls of the personnel can be provided, and with the active RFID tags, it is possible to simultaneously follow all the movements of the personnel in the company.

With active labels, it can be recharged with charging units on personnel cards. It provides companies the opportunity to enter and exit by simply carrying the cards of their personnel without touching the turnstiles.


The benefits of IoT technology to the personnel tracking system;


Entry / exit control; Reporting monthly, weekly or daily entry and exit times of the staff

Location information; Mass storage and reporting of location information of the personnel with field based personnel trackin

Work area knowledge; Automatic identification of personnel entering the work area, creating warning systems for personnel entering without permission

Emergency; Instant notification of the authorities when an emergency occurs with the emergency buttons on the labels

Productivity; Personnel productivity reporting by location tracking on man / hour basis

With the personnel tracking system, it is possible to reach the personnel as soon as possible, increase the work safety, increase the personnel efficiency and thus minimize the losses that may arise as a result of time losses.


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