Infrastructure and Operation Solutions

Infrastructure Solutions

Organizations aim to reduce operating costs by combining the best products with the best solutions. Therefore, their investments in their technological infrastructures are important.

SODER offers end-to-end solutions using the best infrastructure products in order to respond to customer needs in the safest, fastest and most efficient way.

Infrastructure solutions offered by SODER to the customers;

  • Identity Management
  • Log Management
  • Firewall & IPS
  • Antivirus / Antispam
  • Data Loss Prevention
  • Encryption
  • VPN
  • LAN / WAN and WLAN
  • Router (Load Balancer)
  • Server Solutions
  • Data Storage and Backup Solutions
  • Disaster Recovery Solutions


Network Management

With its network management service, SODER provides the monitoring, management and control of all active devices in the LAN and WAN infrastructure of the institutions from a single center.

Within the scope of this service, it provides the product and software supply, installation and 7x24 service sustainability of our employees and customers, and reduces the workloads of the institutions and entrusts the corporate system to more competent and qualified people.

Network Security

According to Soder's perspective on security services, any product or service that cannot be maintained can not provide real protection. For this reason, competencies should be constantly monitored, necessary updates should be made, and if necessary, security weaknesses should be eliminated with new products.

In our system and infrastructure projects, we offer end-to-end services for security with our expert teams. In this end-to-end security management, we provide the most reliable and professional services such as licensing products, hardware selection and purchases, installation and training of products, providing maintenance support for software and hardware, performing remote monitoring and re-management operations, and providing expert support in network security. is provided in a way.

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