Smart House and Security Systems

Smart Building is a structure that is equipped with computers and technology, which provides the user with comfort and security while saving. The emergence of flexible and innovative solutions with Industry 4.0, focusing on maximum performance with minimum energy, and the spread of digitalization play an important role in 'smart building technologies'.

The main features of smart buildings are:

  • Optimizing HVAC systems
  • Reducing the use of electricity
  • Maximizing building security
  • Intelligent sensors for lighting
  • Traceable and controllable vehicles from remote locations


IP Camera Systems

As SODER, we offer solutions for IP cameras, night vision cameras, waterproof and shockproof cameras and network recorders suitable for different places to create reliable living spaces.

Fire Alarm Systems

Our Fire Alarm Systems; Conventional fire alarm system, intelligent addressable fire alarm system, wireless fire alarm system and intelligent addressable fire control panel product groups. In the Fire Detection and Alarm System, easy and fast evacuation is provided in case of fire. Fire Detection and Alarm Systems work integrated with the evacuation system in accordance with EN54-16. Thanks to the evacuation system integration modules to the fire control panel, it is possible to evacuate individually or in groups up to 64 fire zones.


Voice Alarm Systems

The Voice Alarm System is designed to meet European EN54-16 standards. SODER offers the most cost-effective and high-performance solution in any environment, and offers easy-to-use and multi-functional options for small-medium-large plants. Multifunctional voice evacuation and voice alarm system main control unit with Matrix and Digital message player with digital audio signal processor. It provides flexible and simple configuration with its modular system structure. Voice Alarm Systems that we have solved comply with EN54-16 and 24. The spare amplifier operates in the failure of the amplifiers. A backup supply source operates in case of electrical failure. The loudspeaker lines give a warning in case of malfunction. The speaker protection box, cable and ceramic terminal are fire resistant. The voice alarm system always works.

Access Control Systems

SODER, Access Control Systems, which we offer solutions, work fully integrated with camera system. Staff attendance, visitor and elevator control software work integrated. The control unit operates independently in network failure. With the control modules, alarms and faults are monitored and controlled. Access Control Systems; It consists of fingerprint reader, card reader, control unit, access video server and management software products. Access Control Systems comply with international standards.


Our solutions;

  • Card Access Control System
  • Turnstile Pass Systems
  • Recognition and Access Control with Face Recognition Device
  • Iris / Fingerprint / Vein Recognition System
  • Dining Hall Control System



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