Smart Agriculture

After the other revolutions in agriculture with IoT in agriculture, the 4th Agricultural Revolution takes place with information technologies based on digital transformation and big data use. Environmentally friendly, sustainable and economical agricultural production technologies are advancing with sensitive agriculture. The most appropriate inputs for the needs of sensitive agriculture, soil and plants; water, fertilizer, nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, heat, light, medicine, etc. optimally meet, and also provides protection of soil and other resources.


Thanks to smart agriculture, producers' work becomes easier and at the same time, yield and quality increase in the product. Farmers can easily control their fields on a tablet or phone, and can easily perform many operations, including irrigation. In addition, the simultaneous and interactive operation of agricultural machinery is another important benefit of smart agriculture. In this way, the production of agricultural products is accelerated and the gain increases.


Benefits of Smart Agriculture with IoT

  • Soil fertility increases.
  • Water and mineral analyzes required by plants are carried out.
  • The materials used are used at maximum efficiency.
  • Farmer earnings increase.
  • Environmental pollution and global warming are reduced with the reduction of chemical use.
  • Healthy products are produced.
  • Protection of natural resources is provided.
  • Pollutant analyzes in the soil are carried out quickly.
  • With the machines working in communication and synchronously with each other, rapid decision making mechanisms are formed and productivity increases.
  • Yield estimation and harvest time can be estimated in detail and in real time.
  • Time savings are achieved by remote operations.
  • Efficient, quality and natural production opportunities are created by decreasing the workforce.
  • The producer can monitor and manage all agricultural activities with his tablets or phones.



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