Analysis Services

In this field, our company provides detailed analysis in the field of software and hardware products, in fully equipped cyber security laboratories at Aydın University and also in its field.



Forensic Analysis


These are the examinations on server, end user computers, mobile devices and storage devices of all sizes and file systems.


Firmware Analizi


It is the static and dynamic examination of the firmware to detect the weaknesses of the embedded software in the end user or industrial devices.


Reverse Engineering


The application and other components are examined by reverse engineering methods without source code, and the desired opening and back door analyzes are performed.






Hardware Security


It is the examination of integrated circuit systems in terms of hardware level weakness and back door.




Malware Analysis




  • Network Session Analysis
  • Static Code Analysis
  • Behavioral Analysis
  • YARA Rule Analysis
  • Operating System Emulation
  • EXE, DLL, ELF, APK analysis support
  • Office, Java, MSI, RTF, ZIP etc. Sandboxing for files
  • Reporting




  • Event Detection
  • Priorization
  • Dynamic Analysis
  • Static Analysis
  • Memory Analysis
  • Package Analysis
  • Reporting



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