Mobile Device Review Training

It is to ensure that the mobile devices, which are very important for the direct detection of the crime and the criminal, in all judicial crimes, are examined or taken under law.

Educational content;

  • Mobile Device Types
  • Mobile Operating Systems
  • Legal Dimension in Mobile Device Reviews
  • Detection of Android, iOS, Windows Based Devices
  • Data to be Obtained from Mobile Devices
  • Operation Process on Mobile Devices
  • Important Concepts Related to Mobile Review
  • Internet Evidence Finder Mobile
  • Sim Card And External Memory Card Analysis
  • Ufed Cellebrite
  • Review Process on Mobile Devices
  • Caine
  • Mobile Review Software
  • Software Intervention Methods
  • Mobile Physical Response
  • Sample Review Report
  • Drone Review
  • Sample Image and Analysis Application
  • Practice and Theory Exam


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