Cyber Security Training

Cyber ​​security; It covers many different concepts from information security to operational security and computer systems security. It aims to protect computers and servers, mobile devices, electronic systems, networks and data from malicious attacks.

Content of the training;

  • What is Cyber ​​Security? And What Are The Targets?
  • Cyber ​​War, Cyber ​​Terrorism, Cyber ​​Espionage Concepts
  • Social Engineering
  • Personal Data And Characteristics
  • What Are Security Violations And How Are They Intervened?
  • Hacker Types
  • What are Internal and External Threats?
  • Cyber ​​Attack Analysis
  • Vulnerabilities
  • Types of Malware and Ways to Protect from Malwar
  • Penetration Methods
  • Ddos Attacks
  • Mitigation of Cyber ​​Attack and Blended Threat Concept
  • How to Secure Pc Wireless Networks and Online Accounts?
  • Strong Authentication Methods
  • Social Media Security
  • Email And Web Browser Security
  • What Is Firewall And What Does It Do?
  • Bot Net, Hair Chaın and Honeypot Concepts
  • Career in Cyber ​​Security
  • Applications
  • Practice And Theory Exam
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