Continuous Security Monitoring Service

Standard security tests fail to measure the risks that may be caused by the methodologies used by attack groups with wide range of possibilities and time intervals and to avoid possible risks. Continuous Security Monitoring services include a methodology developed especially for the security measurement of companies with a wide attack surface and business processes dependent on information technology infrastructure. We define the Continuous Security Monitoring service as “authorized, enemy perspective for protection purposes” and evaluate it based on 4 principles.

Authorized: It is authorized for the institutions it will work with. The approval of the institution or its authority is essential. Empowerment also determines which goals to focus on.

Adversary Based: The operations performed coincide with the behavior of the attackers. They look at the systems from an aggressive perspective. They use the tools that attackers use.

Assessment: The status of the target is determined according to the work of the attackers. Apart from technical studies, evaluation can also be made for table decisions and business decisions.

Defensive Purposes: All these work is done to protect the organization against attackers. Outputs are shared with the organization for the measures to be taken.

In this context, Companies need Continuous Security Monitoring service in order to measure cyber security risks for information technology infrastructure in real sense and to take necessary security measures.


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